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Antimicrobial Agents

Are you concerned about food security?

Do you want to solve any preservation problems you may have?

BSA can help you!

Whether it is for food security reasons or simply to extend the shelf life of your products, our technical team will suggest the right anti-microbial agent for your needs.

In addition to being the only producer of lactates in Canada, BSA manufactures and distributes a range of custom blends formulated for specific uses such as the inhibition of yeasts and mold, the reduction of microbiological counts in fresh products, or the control of pathogenic bacteria. Ask us about our line of exclusive products.

  • Sodium lactate
  • Potassium lactate
  • Safe-T-Lac (sodium)
  • Safe-T-Lac (potassium)
  • Pro-Long
  • Lactic cultures

We are able to meet all your needs, so Contact us.
At BSA, working with our customers is a treat!

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