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Spices and herbs

Proud of its reputation as a LEADER in the spice market, BSA stands out among its competitors thanks to the unparalleled QUALITY CONTROL processes it has established at all plants where products are sourced from.

The team in charge of our procurement operations in INDIA has a great deal of logistics EXPERTISE in the field of imports.

It is important to note that the grinding (which can be CUSTOMIZED upon request), the sieving, and the cleaning of spices are all done locally at our Canadian plant. In this way, we can ensure that our customers receive PREMIUM QUALITY SPICES that often meet higher standards than those required by the industry.

In order to ensure low microbiologic counts, BSA prefers to treat spices by using IRRADIATION or STEAM STERILIZATION; however, alternate sterilization methods may also be available.

BSA, your source for great taste.

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